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Flat Roofing 

Central Roofing Specialise in the installation and maintenanace of flat roofs.  In general this means low pitched roofs that are finished with a type of roof membrane, rather than tiled or slated roofs.

Modern flat roofs are designed and installed to have many benefits including:

  • Visual Appeal - Materials can be obtained in a variety of colours, edge trims can give a streamline finish and seam profiles can add great effect to the appearance of a roof membrane
  • Thermal benefits - Contemporary flat roofs are very well insulated and various options are available for insulating a new flat roof project or upgrading an old flat roof
  • Longevity - Modern flat roofing materials and the systems used for installation means that the life expectency of a properly installed flat roof is in excess of 30 years
  • Warranty - Central Roofing are licensed installers for a number of flat roofing materials and site specific warranties can be provided on completion of a project

Types of Flat Roofing Systems

Single Ply Membrane Roofs - This systems consists of a single layer of PVC based membrane that can be either mechanically fixed, bonded or loose laid on a roof deck, with an option to use an insulation layer on the roof deck.  Associated PVC coated metal flashings are used in this system for detailing edge trims and upstands, and all joints are sealed using hot air welding (see video).  This is a very popular flat roofing option because of its safe installation system, visual appeal, durability and versatility.  Central roofing specialise in the installation, repair & maintenance of single ply flat roofs.Please take a look at the images accross of previously installed single ply membrane roofs.

Bituminous Membrane Roofs - This type of waterproofng system involves the use of bitumen based membranes, which are flame torch applied to a flat roof.  This is a fully bonded flat roof system, which can also be laid over a special insulation board.  The benefits of a this flat roof installaiton include a strong resistance to mechanical damage, hard wearing and durable materials, fully bonded system resistand to wind uplift and longevity in excess of 30 years - See video of a bituminous membrane being applied using a a gas torch.



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