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Flat Roof Maintenance Services

Central Roofing provide roof maintenance services, which can involve a variety of activities ranging from a simple on-the-spot repairs to comprehensive roof maintenance programs.   Roof Maintennace is very important for flat roofs for ensuring that a maximum roof lifespan is achieved.

Examples of problems that can occur when a flat roof is not maintained or regularly inspected can include

  • Blockages to drainage outlets 
  • Accummulation of debris/leaves
  • Storm damage that may not be known to the buidling occupier
  • Failure of any part of the roof covering due to wear & tear or mechanical damage

All of the above issues can cause leaks to a building interior, but can be prevented or solved quickly by proper roof maintenance programs.  All flat roofs should be maintained in general, but some may require more regular and thorough maintenance than others depending on location, age and operations within the building.  A flat roof maintenance progam may also be required as part of a roofing warranty


Cental roofing provide reactive and preventative flat roof maintenace services such as 

  • Call out & repairs
  • Planned roof maintenance programs involving gutter cleaning, roof inspections, spark testing, repairs etc.
  • Roof inspections & reporting - useful where a detailed report of roof condition may be required
  • Drone Surveys - In certain situations it may be difficult to asess a particular roof issue due to access restrictions.  Drone surveys can be used to capture images & videos, with a view to making an asessment of remedial works required


Please contact Central Roofing should you wish to discuss flat roof maintenance services to suit your home or business.


Blocked roof outlets


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