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A Viable Option for Repairing Industrial Gutters 

Industrial gutters have been installed over the years using materials such as concrete and sheet metal.  In recent years, more durable materials have been used on gutter surfaces, however it remains a fact that many gutters can be problematic and can be the source of leaks.  This can be due to failure of mechanical joints in the gutter or corrsion of the gutter surface, and these issues can be diffucult to resolve long term by quick repairs.

Central Roofing provide solutions to resolve leaking gutters by re-lining the gutter with a suitable material with no mechanical joints such as PVC or bituminous membranes.  The result is a new waterproofing layer in the gutter that eliminates the old gutter and resolves the leak issues.  The new gutter lining has heat bonded joints and rainwater outlets and offers a long-term life expectancy. 

An important point to note regarding gutter re-lining projects is that gutters vary widely in materials, design and size, therefore an inspection must be carried out before replacement or repair solutions can be proposed.  We have carried out many successfull gutter re-lining projects over the years.  Please Contact us if you wich to discuss options for repairing leaking gutters. 

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